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                                                  from my Floral series, a range that celebrates the essence of pastel-coloured flower motifs against a backdrop of pale creamy hues. The name "Minjonet," meaning "little blue flower" in French, perfectly encapsulates the captivating decoration that graces these shoes through its impressed pattern.

The shape of these shoes exudes the opulence and splendour of the Rococo era, a period associated with the lavishness of French High Society and the reign of Louis XV. Embracing the essence of this extravagant style, the shoes showcase elaborate and costly trimmings, featuring an array of lace, ribbon, and flowers. Adorned with a Louis heel, splayed at the base and elegantly waisted, these shoes evoke the essence of refined luxury.

Large rosettes embellished with platinum beads grace the elongated toes, adding a touch of grandeur. Gently curving lines of blue and platinum braid traverse the shoes, topped with elegant platinum and white beads, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and allure.

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