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                                 a pair of shoes from my Klimt series, inspired by the portraits of Austrian society women meticulously depicted by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). This particular creation draws inspiration from Klimt's portrait of Marie, painted in 1901. Marie, the wife of Hugo Henneberg, a scientist and graphic artist, is portrayed with a subdued colour palette, displaying a sense of simplicity compared to other works of the era.

The shoes mirror the intricate details of Marie's ornate dress, featuring elaborate ruffles cascading down the front. A speckled blue and white glaze captures the brushstrokes of these colours, resonating with the painting itself. The hues from the background find reflection on the toe and heel, providing a striking contrast to the highly detailed modelled and impressed patterns that adorn the toe and sides of the shoes. These elements harmoniously unite, paying homage to Marie's attire and the artistic vision behind it.

The shape of the shoe finds its inspiration in the designs crafted by Pietro Yantorny (1874-1936), an esteemed Italian shoemaker renowned as the "most expensive shoemaker in the world." Yantorny exclusively created shoes for the wealthiest women, and it is his distinctive shoe shape that serves as the foundation for this creation.

Marie 01.jpg
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