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Marie Antoinette II

During Marie Antoinette's reign, the Galerie des Modes et Costumes Français emerged as an extraordinary collection, showcasing the exquisite fashions of the eighteenth century. Published in the 1770s, these fashion and costume plates captured the real-life ensembles worn by fashionable French women in Paris and the renowned Royal Palace of Versailles, cementing France's position as a fashion powerhouse.

The shoe's shape, a quintessential representation of the 1700s style, features an exaggerated pointed toe and a gracefully concealed high heel, creating an illusion of delicacy and elegance.

Reflecting the Rococo exuberance of the era, these shoes boast elaborate decorations, mirroring the intricate patterns and colours of the adorned dress featured in the fashion plate. Drawing inspiration from this remarkable design, impressed and sprigged decorations have been meticulously crafted, harmonizing glazes green, burgundy red, and ivory glazes align with the hues presented in the fashion plate.  The luminosity of gold, highlights the beads and bows adorning the shoes.

To pay homage to the intricate bat motif adorning the skirt, an enamel decal depicting the same image has been applied to the toe, adding a touch of whimsical elegance. Additionally, an ornate Rococo-style cartouche adorns the instep, elegantly framing the intricate decorations and serving as a captivating centrepiece.


These shoes encapsulate the essence of the Rococo era, embodying its flamboyance, lavishness, and artistic opulence. They stand as a testament to the remarkable fashion of Marie Antoinette's time, inviting the wearer to step into a world of timeless beauty and sophistication.

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