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                     from my Klimt series, a range based on the portraits of elaborately dressed Austrian society women by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918).  Painted in 1901, Judith I is based on the biblical heroine who saved her city.  Klimt’s mysterious and enchanting interpretation is of a typical Viennese from his own time as is shown in her fashionable and expensive dog-collar necklace. The stylised gold tree and fish scale motifs in the flattened background are reflected on the shoes.  A dark satin blue glaze combined with a swirling mottled blue glaze, echoes Judith’s dark blue semi-sheer garment dotted with gold motifs. The shape of the shoe is based on those made by the Italian shoemaker Pietro Yantorny (1874-1936), the self-proclaimed "most expensive shoemaker in the world" who created shoes only for the wealthiest women.

Judith 01.jpg
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