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                                         from my Klimt series, a range inspired by Gustav Klimt's (1862-1918) portraits of elaborately dressed Austrian society women. Among these captivating creations, this is a pair that pays homage to Judith I, painted in 1901. This masterpiece portrays the biblical heroine known for her courageous act of saving her city. Within Klimt's interpretation, is the enigmatic charm of a typical Viennese woman from his own time, beautifully showcased in her fashionable and opulent dog-collar necklace.

The shoes themselves embody the allure and mystery found in Klimt's artwork. They reflect the stylized gold tree and fish scale motifs, which grace the flattened background of the painting. Crafted with care, these shoes feature a stunning combination of a dark satin blue glaze and a swirling mottled blue glaze. These intricate hues echo the ethereal quality of Judith's dark blue semi-sheer garment, adorned with delicate gold motifs. The shoes evoke the grace and sophistication of the portrait.


Inspired by the renowned Italian shoemaker Pietro Yantorny (1874-1936), whose name resonates with exclusivity and luxury, the shoes' shape embodies his distinguished style. Yantorny crafted footwear solely for the most affluent women of his era, and it is his legacy that infuses these shoes with an undeniable sense of refinement and magnificence.

Judith 01.jpg
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