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Marie Antoinette III

Inspired by the illustrious fashion and costume plate series Galerie des Modes et Costumes Français, which debuted during the reign of Marie Antoinette. This extraordinary collection has been hailed as "the epitome of beauty, showcasing the finest eighteenth-century fashions." With intermittent releases throughout the 1770s, these plates immortalized the real-life ensembles worn by the fashionable French elegantes of Paris and the Royal Palace at Versailles, marking France's dominance in the world of fashion.

These shoes embody the quintessential shape prevalent throughout the 1700s, boasting an exaggerated toe point and a gracefully high heel nestled under the arch, masterfully designed to create the illusion of delicate and diminutive feet.


The intricate decoration adorning these shoes mirrors the exuberance of the Rococo era. Drawing inspiration from the fashion plate featuring Marie Antoinette, I have translated its lavish details into a tapestry of impressed and applied patterns, embellished with a palette of coloured glazes. Gold, the chosen precious metal, delicately highlights the beads and bows adorning the shoes, lending an aura of opulence and elegance. The toes of the shoes showcase garlands of flowers, mirroring the adornments found on the dress, while an ornate Rococo-style cartouche adorns the instep, gracefully framing the intricate decoration. To pay homage to the royal ensemble, the back of the shoe boasts a regal purple glaze, adorned with impressed fleurs-de-lis, reminiscent of the magnificent cloak worn by Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette 03 05.jpg
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