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A lovely day in the studio

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

I blocked out yesterday in my diary to make sure that I spent the entire day in my studio.  I wanted to make the left shoe to Fritza, having made the right one the previous week.

This pair, along with Emilie were the shoes I wanted to remake after they didn’t turn out as well as I wanted before I showed at Harrogate.  They’re part of my Klimt series and so are inspired by two of his portraits of the same names.  It was a lovely quiet day – Charlie the cat went off for his afternoon snooze very early and so didn’t demand much attention and the beloved was away so there was no gourmet dinner to prepare and cook (lol – as if!).  And the second shoe of a pair is generally much more straightforward than the first as all the design and construction problems have been ironed out. I changed virtually all of this design so I hope that the lovely red glaze and the enamel decal will work much better against the creamy white glaze.

I have finished up my massive bucket of casting slip (I only ever use it for the heels and as a glue so it lasts years) and it’s been so long since I’ve mixed any up that the ingredient labels have faded beyond reading.  I had to ring the ever helpful Bath Potters and describe to them some of these ingredients so that they could tell me what they are. “I have a tub of a clear treacle-like substance what could this be?” – The answer was 140 TW Sodium Silicate – used in their casting slip recipe.  Excellent! – so that’s my next project – mix up a big bucket of slip.

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