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Back to the drawing board

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Back to the drawing board – or should that be drawing last? – to re-make two of the pairs of Klimt shoes.  Emilie and Fritza didn’t work out how I’d like them. 

The glaze I used on Emilie wouldn’t take the gold lustre properly and really needs to be fired at a lower temperature so that it doesn’t run so much.  I also need to make them much more blue to give the full effect in the painting.  The red glaze that I mixed for the Fritza pair was great but I don’t think I got the proportions of it right in relation to the creamy white – probably need more red.  Also I don’t like the way the enamel glaze seemed to come away from the glaze in places.  So I'm redesigning the Emilie shape first of all to make the design less complex - hopefully back in the studio & working with clay this week.

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