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Finally back in the studio

Yes! I made it to my studio after about 6 months of avoiding going in there due to oh so many reasons. It was really lovely. I'm aiming to get a pair of Marie Antoinette shoes made asap but my casting slip needed re-mixing to get the proportions right for filling the heel mould. So yesterday after doing the slip I continued on with glazing my tiny bowls. I'm planning for each one to be a different combination of glazes; with probably a crystalline glaze on the inside and a plain coloured satin glaze on the outside. They're quick to paint as they're so small but in that some of the glazes need 7 coats it will take a bit of time to get them finished. Each bowl is sitting on a small slip of paper which has reminders of the glazes on that particular piece and how many coats have been painted. Also some glazes will need to be fired at a higher temperature before the second glaze is applied.

These were some of my glaze test pieces laid out on the bench so that I can see what combinations I like next to each other. They don't really look that inspiring as just small squares but hopefully there will be some yummy colour combinations once the bowls are finished and fired.

My long list of glazes is updated so that I can easily find the information such as name, number of coats needed and cone to be fired to.

Make time for your art, it's important

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