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First design for Marie Antoinette shoes

This is an image from Gallerie des Modes (c1778) and is my starting point for colours for the first Marie Antoinette pair of shoes. I have done a lot of research and collected many images of shoes and patterns from this era. It's a difficult task to filter all this information to create the design when I have so much inspiration to work from. I no longer start with drawing small 2-D images of the shoe designs in my sketchbook (as is shown in the film of my work in About My Art) and instead start by drawing straight on to the 3-D last. I now find it a much more straightforward way to achieve the ideas I'm after and, in fact, I don't know why I ever did it the other way when 2-D is so different to 3-D.

I also have lots of lovely new glazes that will need testing. Also I need to work out the patterns for the shoe soles and make sure that the heel fits correctly to this style of last and that the whole shoe looks balanced and as I want it. Happy days!

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