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Making Plaster Lasts

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Well this is the mess in my studio after making 10 plaster casts of my Pietro Yantorny lasts that just didn't work (there are now 3 very heavy bin bags sitting outside the studio!)

I couldn't get the plaster mix right and each time either the silicone mould wouldn't fill up properly or the surface would be ruined with little bubble holes.  Anyway I finally worked out how to mix it best - by using a lot less plaster in the mix than I'm supposed to.  I know it'll make the final pieces less strong but I can't get it to pour properly at the correct ratio.  Anyway I've finally got 4 lasts to polish up with wet & dry paper. And this is one of them.  Then today I spent all morning modelling the heel for this last.  I made the rough shape yesterday to allow it time to dry a bit and firm up and then refined the shape with modelling tools and a sponge.  Then I made a slip casting mould from this model.  This is it having poured one side and preparing it for the other side.

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