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There I was, all ready to begin rolling clay and making the new Marie Antoinette shoes and then 'Procrastination' struck...

I found this lovely little infographic on and I think from this I can see that I'm being sabotaged by Reason #4 - 'working on small tasks because they're easier'. I suddenly decided that I wanted to make some mini slip-cast bowls that I could decorate with my new pastel matt glazes - for no real reason other than perhaps to give them as gifts. I reasoned that I had a load of plaster that will go off and therefore go in the bin if I didn't use it. So I knocked out a couple of new plaster moulds and started using up the ready mixed casting slip that I had left over from when I used to make cups and saucers many moons ago. The new bowls are teeny-tiny but I rather like them.

I'm also probably being sabotaged by Reason #8 - 'You know the task will require effort and hard work'. I know that before I can make a successful new shoe I must make several unsuccessful shoes and the thought of that is a bit dispiriting.

There's also a bit of Reason #2 - 'Fear of the unknown'. I'm worrying about how frustrating it'll be if I can't make the components of this new shoe design all fit together. Will the sole fit the uppers? Will the heels be the right height for the shoe? Will it be really tricky to get the sock into such a high style of shoe? There's really only one way to find out - I need to start rolling out clay and get going before the warmer weather comes in to sabotage further!

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