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Signed & dated...

My aged and demanding cat has decided that, for the most part, my studio is out of bounds. He comes to get me if I dare to waste my time in there rather than pandering to his desire to be cuddled. But at some point I must get back in and carry on with the creating as there are so many ideas that need to be realised. Hopefully I'll be able to get going with a shoe or two next year and with this in mind I decided that it was time to create my 2022 signature stamp that goes on the sole of the shoe. Also this is a task that I can do indoors in the spare room rather than in the studio.

Each stamp is roughly the same as the previous one, I now stick with the same size and the same surround to my name and the year. So, I trace off the old one and change the final digit, then apply it to a plaster block and carve the design using the point of a compass. The gallery of images below shows some of the process.

The stamp is less than 2.5cm on its longest edge. This means that I am working with magnifying glasses over my usual glasses & holding the plaster block very close to my face to work on it. Once I think I'm happy with the stamp then it's time to get a piece of clay from the studio (with the cat's permission, of course) to try it out and see if the carving is deep enough. Then it's all ready for me to start shoe production in the new year...asssuming the feline will allow it.

When I get the studio re-built (as it's slowly rotting away) I might re-name it The Atelier - perhaps it'll even have insulation, double glazing and, most desired of all, running hot water!

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