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Steady progress with Marie Antoinette's shoes

The 6 pairs of shoes have already had 3 firings. The initial bisque firing & then two more to fix the velvet colours on the soles. Now I'm starting work on the main decoration, which with this set of shoes is very fiddly - and of course they would be - only the very best for Marie Antoinette! I've made a miniature plan for each pair after studying my original ideas in my sketch book & comparing glaze test pieces to see which colours & finishes will work best.

On the back of this I can mark down how many coats of each glaze have been applied - some need as many as six, so it's important to keep a record as I go. Whilst I love the shoes in plain white I also really like the way they come to life with the addition of colour.

The kiln is on today which will fix these latest additions to the decoration & I can work on more this week.

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