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Steal like an artist

This brilliant infographic is from This post follows on from what I wrote about in my previous one. Works of art in all media are a fabulous resource to use for ideas - but no one wants to be ripped off (plagiarism or imitation) which is why I was so cross that people had suggested to me that I make copies of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Yes, of course I love his shoes and have two beautiful books of his illustrations, but when I look at them it is just to take some sort of essence of perhaps the colours, style or exuberance of his shoes. When I create my Klimt inspired shoes it's from looking at his beautiful paintings and taking elements from these to inspire me to create the shoes that the women in the portraits deserve, to honour the artist. Many years ago when on an art trip to New York I was astonished that I was allowed to take photographs (no flash of course) in the galleries. I took some wonderful close-up photographs of patterns and fabrics within portraits at the Met. Back at home I used these to create a series of small canvases which I love. Photography was never allowed in The National Gallery in London and after my NY experience I planned to protest that as a British citizen I (and obvs everyone else in the UK) owned these paintings and so surely I should be allowed to photograph them for research, to 'steal like an artist'...but before I could put pen to paper (& I am a notoriously successful complainer) I found out that this no photography rule had been revoked - Hurrah - loads more Good Theft to be done!

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