Each pair of my unique shoes is a one-off design that can take up to 40 hours of hands-on work & multiple firings, spread over several months, to produce.  

I make initial drawings on paper and in three dimensions before working the clay by hand into the desired shoe form and style. Using a smooth white clay, I roll and drape it around the last. Hand-carved plaster stamps are used to impress patterns on the soft surface. When the clay has dried to the leather-hard stage the pieces of the shoe are firm enough to remove and be joined together.  Further decoration is added in the form of sprig-moulded braids, individually rolled beads, and bows, ruffles and rosettes which are created from sheets of clay thin enough to be manipulated like fabric. The finished shoes have five or more firings for the different finishes of colours and glazes. The final firing is to melt the precious metal lustres into the surface of the glaze.


My influences lie in my interest in historical highly decorative and ornamental costume, fashion and artefacts. The Rococo style is a particular theme reflected in the production of my inimitable, and collectable ceramic shoes. Shoes are my passion, beautiful objects that I have been fascinated by much of my life. Their form constrains and yet offers me endless scope for creativity in terms of colour, style, pattern and texture.  I enjoy continually developing my ideas and high level of skill to create these stylish luxury ceramic shoes.

© 2018 by Kate Hopkins-Searle ceramic artist

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