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                               from my Floral series, a captivating range that embraces the beauty of pastel-coloured flower motifs against a backdrop of pale creamy tones. The name "Rose" perfectly embodies the colour palette and the decorative nature of the impressed pattern that adorns these shoes.

The shape of these shoes pays homage to the opulence and extravagance of the Rococo era, a time synonymous with the excesses of French High Society and the reign of Louis XV. Drawing inspiration from this period of lavish art and ornamentation, the shoes showcase elaborate and costly trimmings, incorporating a variety of lace, ribbon, and flowers. With their distinctive Louis heel, gracefully splayed at the base and elegantly waisted, these shoes exude an air of refined luxury.

The focal point is a draped pink bow, embellished with a mother-of-pearl lustre over the glaze.  The braid that adorns the top edge of the shoes is a soft shade of pink.  Along the top edge, on the toe and back of the shoe, gold beads add luxury and refinement.

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