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Marie Antoinette IV

During the reign of Marie Antoinette, a remarkable series of fashion and costume plates known as Galerie des Modes et Costumes Français emerged, earning the reputation as "the most exquisite collection capturing the fashion trends of the eighteenth century." These plates, created periodically in the 1770s, showcased authentic ensembles worn by fashionable French women, both in Paris and the opulent Royal Palace of Versailles, during a time when France held a prominent position in the world of fashion.

The footwear prevalent in the 1700s exhibited a distinct shape, featuring an elongated pointed toe and a high heel cleverly concealed beneath the arch, which accentuated the illusion of dainty and delicate feet.


The adornment of these ceramic shoes embodies the extravagant spirit of the Rococo era, boasting intricate decorations and reflecting the exuberance of the time. Taking inspiration from the elaborate dress depicted in Marie Antoinette's fashion plate, I have interpreted and incorporated impressed and applied patterns, as well as coloured glazes, into the shoes. The use of gold as the chosen precious metal serves to highlight the intricate beadwork and braiding on the footwear. The presence of large pink bows on the dress finds its reflection on the toe of the shoes, while an ornate Rococo-style cartouche adorns the instep, elegantly framing the overall design. Furthermore, the back of the shoe pays homage to the cloak of the costume, showcasing a rich azure blue glaze embellished with impressed fleurs-de-lis.

Marie Antoinett 04 05a.jpg
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